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Once you officially register your site at, we will help you promote your site for free. We will automatically list your site in "Find an Eye Doctor" feature on that directs and refers patients to your website. Patients and prospects can easily find your website either by location or doctor name. Each of your practice locations will be listed individually.

Your website has a unique URL (website address) so you can confidently promote your new website through office stationery, business cards, patient information handouts, and much more. Once you register, you'll have full access to our Technical Support Library, which provides helpful documents on promoting your site and step-by-step instructions on how to list your site in Search Engines and Web Directories.

As soon as your website is created, it is "search-engine" ready. You can use the "Site Promotion Manager" to fine-tune meta tags. Meta tags are what search-engines look for and use when they list your website. Using the Site Promotion Manager you can create your own keywords, making it ready for search engine submission.

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