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The Web Site Builder - How It Works

Is there a delay before I can view my site on the Web?
You can preview your site even before you pay. Within 30 minutes after paying, you can view your site online then login to the to make additions or edits, change designs, or perform any function facilitated by the
How long does it take to complete a website?
The sign-up process takes about 20 minutes. Once you have completed the set-up process, your site is ready. You can then make as many additions and changes that you wish. Creating your content and knowing what you want to say is the most time consuming part of building any website. We suggest that you give this some thought before joining.
What if I want to keep my site password protected after launching it?
No problem. The last step before you pay gives you the option to launch your site immediately or add "password protection" to your site. By adding password protection to your site, only you will have access to it. This way you can use the to make further additions or changes.
How will I know how much traffic my site is getting?
In addition to comments, calls, and emails from your site, provides a secure “traffic site viewing” page. This page will be secured for your viewing only after you login to the Key measures will be provided to help you measure the success of your site.
What type of browser do I need?
Javascript and Cookies must be enabled. requires supports Microsoft Edge 107.X and above, Google Chrome 106.X and above or Mozilla Firefox 106.0.X and above.

The Web Site Builder - How It Works


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