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Managing Your Website

From the Home Page, you can login anytime. Once you login, you will have full and secure access to the website builder so you can change the design, add links and logos, upload documents, and create an unlimited number of custom sections to your website.

Design Your Site
You can change your site's look at anytime. Pick a new layout and color scheme. Choose from an extensive array of images and graphical elements or upload your own images, logo or photos to add a personal touch.

Create Your Content
Customize the sections you want for your site through our user-friendly templates and easy-to-use Web-based forms. Add as many pages, new sections or subsections as you want and make changes anytime!

Enrich Your Site
Select content from our Vision Library, a professionally written eye health information database. Choose documents from eye health categories, including: "Your Eyes & Vision", "Vision Problems", "Eye Diseases" and "Contact Lenses" with just a point-and-click of the mouse. You can add your own articles too.

Select Your Partners
Add links to your website that reflect your professional affiliations and commercial partners.

Account Information
Visit the Account Administration section to change your User Name and Password or to temporarily "suspend" your site while under construction.

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