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Design Issues

Can I upload my own graphics to the site?
Yes. All graphic files must be in .gif or .jpg file format. Certain size limitations apply, otherwise the look of your site might not be ideal.
Can I change my design after making an initial selection?
Yes. Optometry net offers an array of designs to choose from and you can change your site graphical design at anytime with a simple click of a mouse. The design changes are made "on the fly". This means even after the initial design is chosen and content is loaded, you can change the look of your site. All the content and any graphics you've uploaded will stay in place and the new design will transfer to your new design without any problems.

After changing the design, ensure that you reload or refresh your Web page to see the new designs.

If I decide to discontinue my service can I still use the graphics?
Any graphics that you own and upload to the site, of course, belong to you. All other graphical elements, including the template designs and the Clip Art gallery belong to or are used by under special license arrangement with their copyright owners. You may use these only as long as you subscribe to the service.
Can I upload other document files and images to my website, such as PDFs, html, and Microsoft files and then link them to text?
Yes. You can upload and link the following document types to your website: PDFs, Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, html, text files, video, Flash, and even ZIP files. Easily link them to text within your website.

Important: It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that any images, photos, and other documents used within their website (excluding clip art and photos) are in accordance with U.S. and international copyright laws. If you choose to copy images, photos or other files from another website, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the website administrator.

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Design Issues

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If you are unable to find answers to your questions above, please contact us directly. Thank You.

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