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Functionality Issues

Will my patients be able to request appointments through my website?
Yes. A "Contact Us" form allows your customers to select "Request An Appointment" from choices included in a drop-down box. Additional information on the form includes "Current/New Patient," and "Reason for Appointment." The form is automatically sent to you by email. All customers can add a "Contact Us" form with just a click of the mouse.
Will visitors to my site be able to see a map showing my practice location?
Yes. partners with, the leading supplier of Interactive mapping on the web. Each of your locations will have an interactive "show map" feature. Visitors can drill down to street level and create map views of the adjacent areas. The map shows your practice with a Push Pin.
Can patients order replacement contact lenses from my site?
Yes. The "Contact Us" form has several drop-down choices, including "Place Order." Patients can use the form to request their replacement lenses. An email is sent to the email address you specify.
Can I create "Links" on my website?

Yes. You can create links on your website in several different ways. Create Partner Program links with a simple click. You can upload and link the following document types to your website: PDFs, Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, text files, video and Flash files, and even ZIP files. Easily link them to text within your website.

In addition, you can also create links to other websites by adding links (or URLs). For example, if you use an online scheduling tool you can add the link for your patients to click so they are directed to the scheduling page. Click here for complete instructions.

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Functionality Issues

If you are unable to find answers to your questions above, please contact us directly. Thank You.

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